You’re an ambitious business owner who loves serving your customers and clients.

You’re also worried that the big box stores, and online shopping sites are going to put you out of business.

You understand social media marketing exists, but you aren’t sure how it can help your business. You feel stuck.

You love your business and being a business owner, and you’re overwhelmed by these thoughts. They’re sucking the fun out of being a business owner.

Well, I’ve got good news for you. The internet is a tool that any business owner can use to achieve exponential growth in their business.

I’m here to help brick and mortar business owners and entrepreneurs level the playing field with social media marketing. The big box stores, and online shopping sites are using it, and you can too – in as little as five hours a week.

You read that right – in as little as five hours a week!

My Values, Goals, and Mission

Whenever I go on vacation I visit the local businesses and strike up a conversation with the business owners. There’s no better way to understand the local culture than talking to the people that create the local economy.

That’s what your business does – creates the local economy. (That’s huge by the way.)

The very core of our local economies is local business.

As discussions with business owners took place in small towns, and big cities across the US, a common thread revealed itself – fear.

Fear of losing their business is eating way at the quality of life of small brick and mortar business owners in a way that should be alarming to everyone.

It’s alarming to me.

So much so, that I’m dedicated to empowering business owners with the understanding of how to use social media marketing to regain control over the destiny of their business, create stability, and shatter the cloud of fear.

I root for the underdog.

The only thing the underdog needs to successfully compete with the big guys is knowledge and strategy. It’s not magic, it really is that simple.


I Walked Out with a Clear Plan

I walked out of the strategy session with a clear plan for my next steps and goals. I highly recommend Carmen to any business owner who needs someone to meet them where they’re at in the process of learning how to run a business and/or sell online.

Lisa Johnson ... Owner, Spicy Bambu & Deysa

Coaching That Makes the Fog Lift!

What's different about Carmen's service compared to others comes down to coaching, coaching, coaching.

With her guidance, I was able to set a plan (repetitive, tactical content creation) to execute a strategy of posting useful information and publicizing it to attract customers; then, act on the results - repeat with a cadence. Coaching, coaching, ca-ching...

I have many more folks visiting and liking my business pages, sales are up and I have a strategy (and tactics) with which to move forward. Like watching the fog lift...

Yo! I’m Carmen, you’re friendly neighborhood social media strategist! Together, we’ll turn online marketing overwhelm into solid strategy.

I kept seeing this ad on Facebook – it’s like it was following me. Annoying – right? It was selling ultimate abundance if I would only click the button. I knew it was selling me on something that was “pie in the sky,” but I was bored, so I bit.

What the heck? I thought.

I was right. The information was a little too “woo-woo” for my taste, and there were going to be no measurable results from following their advice.

I wasn’t ready for a whole new world to open up before me.

Clicking that one ad catapulted me into the world of social media marketing. I went down the rabbit hole and have never come out! The power of it all was obvious from that first day.

Suddenly, I looked at Facebook, heck, the whole internet in a whole new light. It was as if someone pulled back the curtain and revealed what the internet is really all about – e-commerce.

It was beautiful! It’s even more beautiful now.

Once you understand the sheer power that we have at our fingertips every single day you’ll be awestruck.

We are very fortunate to live in such an amazing time in history. At no time before the mid-1990’s have people had the opportunity to broadcast information about their business to millions of people for free! It’s crazy cool!

Company Facts

My background is twenty-five years of content marketing for multi-million-dollar corporations. Ensuring our content meets the specific needs of our clients is critical to winning contracts upwards of $100 Million Dollars.

Social media marketing is one step before content marketing - it's what brings leads to your business so they can consume your company's content. (Content is anything your company publishes; how-to manuals, checklist, educational information, company brochures, flyers, business cards, website content, etc.)

So, that annoying Facebook ad I kept seeing? Yeah, it led me to the content that company wanted me to consume. That’s the power of social media marketing.

My business is built on time-tested content marketing principles, with a layer of social media marketing strategy on top – it’s one powerful combination!

I’d love to help you understand how to use this power for your business.