Are YOU a Target for Hackers?

By Carmen Reed-Gilkison | Security

Dec 24
Hacker phishing computer word montage

This past week a handful of my friends had their Facebook accounts hacked. If you ever receive a notification from a friend that looks like the image below DON'T CLICK!

Note that the hacker uses an almost irresistible ploy - shock from a friend about what the content supposedly contains about you - who wouldn't want to click?!

That is some pretty powerful marketing, and it's designed to make you click so the hacker can then hack YOUR profile. If you are ever in doubt contact the friend that sent you something and verify it before you click.

To help keep your Facebook account safe, use the extra security features Facebook offers:

The first two are game-changers. Note that whenever you clear your browser history and log into Facebook, you'll receive an alert. This happens because the tracking cookies have been removed which resets your computer to "new" in the system's eyes. I look at this as a good test that the system is working.

Two-factor authentication - this is something available on most accounts; not just Facebook. I've got it enabled on all my online accounts, such Google, PayPal, Zapier, Active Campaign, etc.

Why not set up a secondary barrier that bad guys will have to break through? Most criminals are looking for easy-pickins, not something they'll have to work at.

For more information about two-factor authentication, here's a great article on the subject from The Verge.


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