Your Customer’s Journey (A.K.A. Funneling is Fun)

By Carmen Reed-Gilkison | Blog Articles

Oct 30

My Glossary of 50 Online Terms was a big hit (you can get a copy on my home page), but I’m not stopping there! Join me for a FREE Webinar on November 7th where we’ll do a deep-dive into a few of the terms you now know (E-Commerce, CTA, Above the Fold, Landing Page, and CRM). These terms will help us when developing our customer’s journey online.

We’ll cover why, when practicing E-Commerce, you want to always place a CTA Above the Fold on your Landing Page and tie it into your CRM. All of this directly relates to your customer’s journey. Your customer’s journey directly relates to your success.

I’ll show you how mapping out your customer’s journey is easy and fun. It also ties into your marketing plans and helps define what marketing actions you will take at any given time, which gives you clarity. All of this is done using tools, such as sales funnels.



The Customer’s Journey: Five Stages of a Sales Funnel


Awareness – this occurs at the beginning of your (hopefully) soon-to-be customer’s journey. They need to become aware that your business exists and what problems it solves for them.

Consideration – Now that your new lead is aware of what you’ve got to offer they enter into consideration mode; this is where your marketing, whether written, verbal, in person, or online needs to be clear. What benefits do they receive by doing business with you?

Preference – The clarity of your marketing helps your customer understand which of your products or services match their preference. You may even be able to sway their decision and preference. For instance, explaining why purchasing something in bulk saves them money in the long run works. Or, if they’re purchasing a pair of shoes and you’ve got a special on socks purchased at the same time shoes are, you’d better let them know.

Purchase – Now that your customer is aware of what you’ve got to offer, they’ve worked through their considerations and on to their preferences (with your help) they’re ready to make a purchase. If you’ve done your job correctly, this is where the big win/win comes in. You’ve successfully made them understand what your business is about, why it’s relevant to them, and they’ve committed to making the purchase that is most beneficial to them – win for them / win for you.

Loyalty – Now, you’ve got a satisfied customer, a loyal customer, and with some effort on your part to keep engagement going, a loyal customer. This is the biggest win for you.

All of this requires getting to know your customer. The R.O.C.K.S. solution gives you the tools needed to hone your competitive edge online and off, with our focus on reaching your ideal customers through proven strategies and online marketing. Our approach consists of:

R = Resources & Research

O = Organize & Optimize

C = Create & Collaborate

K = Kickstart

S = Success!


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