When Doing Everything Right Turns Out To Be Wrong

By Carmen Reed-Gilkison | Blog Articles

Dec 13

Why is it that we can bust our butt doing what we’re told is the “right” thing to do, and watch as countless others win by doing the “right” thing, all while we fail to move the needle on the success scale one iota?

That can happen for many reasons, let’s explore some of them:

You didn’t give it enough time.

I’m about done with being practically scolded by experts that spew the “You aren’t trying hard enough!” mantra.

These are the same experts that have been in business for years if not decades. Hard work alone won’t do it. You’re at level one or ten of your business, while they’re on level one thousand or ten thousand of theirs.

You need the good old “know, like, and trust factor” and that takes time to build. People need time to get to know you, like you and trust you.

So, remember: (Hard work) + (A viable product or service) x (Time) = SUCCESS.

You need all three components.

You haven’t found your target market yet.

When I first started out in this online world, I was hesitant to put my name on anything. I didn’t have confidence, and the idea of putting myself out there scared me. “People will be able to find you,” I told myself; “Your privacy will vanish, and people might see you fail!”

Well, guess what? If you’re an entrepreneur that wants to sell a product or a service, people need to know who you are. They need to know where they can find you, and they need to know what solution you have for them.

Being shy, or hesitant ain’t gonna’ cut it!

You have to put yourself out there so you can find your ideal customers. And, I’d rather fail in public than never try, while always wondering “what if” in private.

Plus, after a few months of putting things out there, you’ll quickly lose your shyness. 🙂

You’ll soon want bells, whistles, and accolades driving your ideal customers to you and your offers; especially after working through lukewarm results.  And, before you start thinking “Lukewarm results? I won’t have those!” EVERYBODY experiences lukewarm results. Entrepreneurship is the great equalizer.

The thing is, people don’t publicize their lukewarm results. All they showcase is what their success looks like. It’s easy to forget they started out at step one too. Keep following your favorite experts, and you’ll soon run across an interview where they tell all about their climb to the top. Everybody starts at zero, and everybody experiences not-so-good results along the way.

You’re doing what’s “right” for the general masses.

Or, what worked for the expert that told you to do it in the first place. You’ve heard of “niche markets,” right? Well, you are a niche yourself! What works for one person isn’t guaranteed to work for another. We each have our own gifts. All of that practice and testing you need to do will help you hone yours.

Success is all about practice, practice, practice. Remember when you tried out for sports in Junior High, or your parents made you take those piano lessons, or you wanted to learn how to make lasagna? Anything we want to learn how to do takes practice.

Sure, you could potentially follow a lasagna recipe and nail it the first time, but the skills you built up by cooking over time is what gave you that capability. The same holds true for any skill. Maybe, when you watch someone seemingly nail it the first time, it’s due to years of skill-building that you never saw. That’s why comparing ourselves to others is pointless. Unless you know everyone’s specific skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses you can’t possibly understand everything that went into their success.

This is also why getting into action right away, and failing fast, is the best advice you can take. Nobody wants to fail, but the more you try, the more you’ll fail AND the more you’ll win. Nobody wins 100% of the time, and getting it over with quickly allows you to learn from your experience. The more you learn, the more you know.

Testing means you don’t know what the outcome will be, so every time out is a test. During all of that testing and practicing, we need to tweak our execution and track how those changes work or don’t. Remember, to improve on anything; you need to start tracking it, testing it, and collecting data on your tests; that’s the only way you’ll know what changes made a positive or negative impact.

Success requires strategy. Sure, there are one-hit wonders, or exceptionally gifted people that can reach success easier than others, but they are the exception not the rule. For most of us mere mortals, it takes practice, practice, practice, followed by testing, testing, testing, then add time.

Share your stories of struggles and success below. I’d love to find out what you’ve discovered along the way.

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