How to Get Started With Social Media Marketing

By Carmen Reed-Gilkison | Social Media

Aug 21
How do I get started with social media

The most common question I get is: How do I get started with social media marketing?

The down and dirty answer is:

  1. Post one to three times a day - every day - if your following is less than 1,000 (more often on Twitter, up to 10 times a day). It's better to stick to one time a day if you can do that consistently than it is to post three times one day skip a day or two and then post again.
  2. Collect a list of top questions/inquiries you receive and use those as topics for your posts. Educating your followers goes a long way in providing value; it also sets you up as the expert they can trust.
  3. Create a mix of:
  •  1/3 value posts (educational, informational)
  • 1/3 curated (shared articles/posts from experts in your industry)
  • 1/3 YOU posts. People want to know the people behind the brand. They love behind the scenes journeys. So, your YOU posts should include what you're passionate about, why you started the business you did, and they should inform your followers about events and promotions.

There is a lot that goes into effective social media marketing, and the best advice I can give is to start learning. Try adding one thing to your knowledge base every quarter. Social media marketing is a long-game approach. It takes time to build a following so get started now; as you learn and grow so will your audience.

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