Gift Giving 24 / 7 / 365

By Carmen Reed-Gilkison | Blog Articles

Dec 20
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Do you have a successful business? If so, it’s most likely because you give your customers gifts as part of your S.O.P. (That’s Standard Operating Procedure if you didn’t know 😉 ).

I’m not talking about discounts or giveaways; I’m talking about value. Value is an immeasurable gift for your customers. Strive to provide value for anybody that comes into contact with your business, whether they buy something or not. It’s a sign of integrity and good will; it builds relationships and emits positive vibes into the world (the world can use as much of that as possible).

It’s easy to identify value provided through your product or service; it’s a little harder to understand how to give value with no strings attached. Here’s my approach:

It’s all about the customer. The customer may not always be right, but you should be focused on solving the problem that your ideal customer has. Be it hunger, excess weight, lack of ski wear, or lack of knowledge in the subject of your expertise; whatever brought you to the role of business owner, putting your customer first will keep you there.

You need to be clear on exactly what value your customer receives from your product or service. What does that value cost them in money, time, or learning curve? Value for your customer is what they gain above and beyond the price they pay. People shop around and compare prices, features, and benefits for the sole purpose of finding the best value. A great deal is one where value has been increased in the eyes of the customer.

Did they find a high-ticket item at a discount?

Did the program they purchased change their life for the better by providing amazing information and unexpected extras?

Value is in the eye of the customer. It’s your job to know your customer so well that you can identify what they will value most. Do that, and you’ll be raking in the customers, accolades, and success.

Draw people in with value. What can you give away to introduce people to your business? If you own a restaurant, you can film videos to post on your YouTube channel showing people how to make some of your dishes. You can introduce people to your back-of-house staff to show how the whole business runs like a well-oiled machine. People love to learn about other people and their businesses. The more unique the information, the more interesting. Don’t be afraid to let people know you. Teaching people how to make some good food is only going to help your customer relationships.  Nobody’s going to quit visiting your restaurant to make dishes on their own, but it allows people to feel like they’re part of your inner circle. Feeling like they’re part of the inner circle makes them feel special, and that adds instant value.

Treat looky-loos as if they were your best customer. Every business has them, whether they come in and browse without buying, or ask a thousand questions, treat them as if they’re your best customer. After all, they may end up being just that. Always act with integrity, give the best information and guidance that you have to give, and wish them well. If they visit seven competitors they’ll likely hear seven different approaches; your goal is to make sure yours stands out as the one that provides the most value.

Build relationships with your customers. A  Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) makes it a snap. With a CRM, like ActiveCampaign, you’re able to track each encounter with your customers; keep notes, log their birthdays, anniversaries, or other special dates. Then, recognize those dates with a hand-written note, card, or email. Getting to know your customers well means you’ll be better able to provide customized recommendations and service.

Share your knowledge, tips, and best practices. Always be open to new trends or ideas surrounding your product, service, or industry. Be the one your customers turn to when they want to know what’s new and trending.

Value is a gift that’s meant to be shared.

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