How In Tune With YOU Are You?

By Carmen Reed-Gilkison | Blog Articles

Dec 07

Recently, I did a Facebook Live titled “Let Curiosity Guide You.” (You can watch it here.)

The gist of it was to let curiosity guide you to new things in life. Curiosity is something inherent to humans, along with a whole complement of other traits such as dislikes, likes, and intuition. We have them for a reason; they’re our inner compass for life.

  • We’re supposed to be happy in life and enjoy this magical journey we’re all on.
  • We’re supposed to fill our time with things that give us joy and spark our imagination…with things that make us laugh, and make us cry tears of joy.
  • We’re supposed to discover new things all the time, become engrossed in them and passionate about them.
  • We’re supposed to learn new things and help others learn what we know. 

But, do you? Are you honoring your natural instincts? If not, you’re short changing yourself, and that can’t be good.

I’m a firm believer in intuition. I also believe we need to exercise our intuition muscle just like we exercise our physical muscles. The more we listen to our instinct, gut feelings, hunches, intuition, whatever you want to call it, the more accurate and in tune with our self and the universe we are.

Humans are but a small blip on the screen of time. The earth spent thousands of years evolving into a place that sustains us. We’re meant to use what nature provides – including our senses – all of them! With all the cool, modern amenities and gadgets prevalent today, it’s easy to stop relying on our inner compass. I’m afraid that doing so could signal the beginning of a deterioration of self.

The more we lose the connection with self, the more we lose the connection with others. Modern amenities are wonderful, but they don’t replenish our souls. The only way to replenish our soul is to practice nurturing our soul through meditation, learning new things, loving people, animals, nature, and our self. Taking care of self is paramount to living life to the fullest.

Sharpening your intuition and fine-tuning your senses helps in business too. Practice listening to your inner wisdom and let it guide you through your challenges in business. As a business owner, daily decisions are a part of the package. Some are simple, some are annoying, and some can mean the difference between winning or losing at whatever the outcome may be. Do you honor your gut instinct as part of your decision making process? I don’t understand how people make solid decisions if they’re not consulting their inner voice as part of the process.

If you’ve lost your way, I’ve got some tips to get you back on track:

1. BREATHE! Practice deep breathing three times a day. Take it further and breathe with this video for 10 minutes at a time: Click here for the guided video.

2.  Move your body. Take a walk, ride a bike, do some Yoga, stretch, or anything else you like to do that allows you to move your body. Stagnating all day at a computer is not building excellence into your life. No matter how much work you get done, you’re paying a high price when you ignore your health. Start honoring yourself, your body, and your life to increase your success and happiness.

3. Sit in silence for 20 minutes a day. If you’re into meditation, this is the time to practice; if you’re not, let the silence seep into you and calm your soul. With all the bells, pings, whistles, and buzzes we’re exposed to all day long, our bodies, minds, and souls need a break. Giving yourself permission to do nothing for twenty minutes a day will restore you like nothing else. The only time I’m able to enjoy silence is early in the morning. If I’m stressed, using earbuds and going into a quiet room by myself is the next best thing.

4. Get out into nature (even if it’s in your backyard, or at the local park), and look at the grass, trees, flowers, and clouds. Listen to the birds and watch the squirrels play. We’re meant to live in nature, not remain closed up in a box all day long. Wake up your inner compass and reconnect with nature every day; your body, mind, and soul will thank you.

5. Socialize. Plan time to socialize with your friends or family. Socializing allows you to gain a different perspective on things by seeing life through the eyes of others. It gives you moral support, friendship, love, and human connection. Make the most of it by making the time a “no electronics” time. Turn the phones off and actually look at each other and communicate!

Any one of these tips will help you build balance into your life. If doing all five is too daunting, try one or two and build up to adding the others in time. As you gain peace and clarity, adding more self-care into your life will be easier. Stick with it, enjoy your “you” time and get to know yourself again.

I have a hunch you’re going to like you a lot. 😉


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