How Does Posting Pictures on Social Media Generate Business?

By Carmen Reed-Gilkison | Marketing

Aug 23
Social Media Picture on Cell Phone

From the outside, it may look like companies are merely posting pictures randomly on social media. It can make one wonder how does posting pictures generate business?

Social media marketing isn't just social; it's strategic.

Those pictures, if done correctly, tie into the story behind the business. Everything posted should act as a building block that, along with the other posts on the page, convey the purpose of the company.

Why does it exist? Who does it serve? What passion does it exude?

In combination, posts should answer all of those questions, as well as inform you about promotions and offers the business has going on. The pictures paired with the posts tell the story of the business. Images can also draw attention, be controversial, anything to make a post stand out in a news feed. Your goal with images is to support the post content or make someone scrolling through their feed stop and take notice.

Posts can be funny, educational, a curation of articles by other experts in the same industry that tie into the purpose of the page, and personal; telling the story of the business owner(s), or providing peeks behind the scenes.

Check out some of your favorite social media pages and see if you would be able to understand what the business is about based solely on their posts.

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