Social Media 101 5-Day Mini-Course (E-Course)

By Carmen Reed-Gilkison

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Social Media 101 5-Day Mini-Course (E-Course)


The Locally Rocks Social Media 101 Course introduces you to the basic concepts of social media marketing. By taking this course, you’ll gain an understanding of how social media marketing can work for you and your business. Julie is happy she took the course:

After taking the Locally Rocks Social Media 101 course, I understand the different kinds of social media, what they are used for and how they serve a business. I’m really thinking about my ideal client now, and how to reach them. It’s a fun course and has given me perspective in the area of marketing – something I desperately need.

~ Julie Glasser, Balancing Act PDX

Put the power for business success and growth back in your hands by learning how to harness the power of social media marketing.

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The Social Media 101 5-Day Mini-Course is delivered via email over five days and includes daily videos and dynamic downloadable lessons.


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