Who else wants a simple marketing plan to increase your profits & keep your business
ALIVE...and thriving?

Join me as I share with you these 8 Proven Marketing Strategies to 

GROW your business for long-lasting success & INCREASE your revenue and profits.

In this free Master Class I teach business owners about The 8 Proven Marketing Strategies that will immediately allow you to:

  • Create exponential growth & revenue for your business
  • Reduce overwhelm
  • Get back some of your me-and-my-family-time
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    *This* 5 Step Profit Formula
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    Creating revenue with an automated email system
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    Nearly effortless ways to build new streams of revenue
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    Making two sales with one
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    Attracting the qualified leads you want & stop wasting money on ads that don't work


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And I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeve, too - like, I’ll let you in on the closely guarded secret that successful businesses don't want you to know (Shhhh!)

Look for:

  • The "Big 8" strategies revealed (00:01:40)
  • How a mere 10% increase in these 5 areas can almost double your profits (00:03:26)
  • The conversion equation in action (00:09:49)
  • The power of drip campaigns (00:14:02)
  • Profitable joint ventures for your business (00:16:01)
  • Irresistible opt-ins (00:19:24)
  • Up-selling & cross-selling (00:22:58
  • How to stop the discounting madness! (00:25:00))

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I’m Carmen Reed-Gilkison, Founder of Locally Rocks and the Profitable Business Solutions program. I know that the health of our local communities depends on the health of the small businesses in those communities…...

Carmen Reed-Gilkison, CEO Locally Rocks

My passion lies in empowering business owners like you to create the business and life of your dreams. Watching people shift out of overwhelm and into overjoyed is one of my favorite things in life (yes, really!)

And with over 25-years in corporate marketing as a proposal department manager leading teams to consistently win SINGLE contracts in excess of $100-Million - I know what it takes to successfully meet client needs.

The small business arena may be different from the corporate arena, but the business principles for success are the exact same. I'm here to help you $kyrocket your business growth!